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IC-821H PL Tones

I have kind of an odd problem.  I just received an IC-821H from Texas Towers.  I am trying to test this new rig by bringing up some of the local repeaters and of the three that I normally utilize, I can only bring up two of them and hold the carrier long enough to hold a conversation.  One of the repeaters does not use a PL tone, but the other two do.  Of those two, one has a tone of 118.8 (I can hit this one) and the other has a tone of 91.5 (this one I cannot hit and hold, but I can hit it). 
Has anyone heard of this problem?  If so, does some one know the remedy for the problem (an output adjustment for the PL tones maybe)?
I haven't check ICOM's site yet, but I usually find that my problems are not someone else's.  ;-)
Joel B. Black