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Re: FT-847

Or consider building your own eggebeaters.  I built mine and imagine that
it really doesn't take much longer than assembling a "store-bought"
antenna.  I have about $6 invested in my 2 meter version.  Dimensions are
in the Satellite Handbook...  I know there's a website somewhere dedicated
to this too...  I don't recall the url, but do a net search on 
eggbeater+antenna and something should hit.  Again, as said below, if
you're looking for something for the higher birds, look elsewhere.  I tend
to lean toward KLM as far as commercial stuff goes.  

73 de Joel, W0JDJ
AMSAT #1795

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>Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 14:25:39 -0500
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>Recently, Rremmel@aol.com at email address Rremmel@aol.com sent the 
>>Now, is there any concensus on the best space optimized antenna for sat ops?
>Take a look at the M Squared Eggbeater antennas.  They are small,
>provide right hand circular polorization upward and horizontal
>polorization at the horizon.  I recommend getting the ground plane
>option.  I also recommend getting a good "pair" of pre-amps mounted
>near the antenna.  I use the SSB models from SSB Electronics.  (See
>the rear portions of QST for their ad - they also carry M Squared
>and are very good to work with).  The Eggbeaters come in both 2 meter
>and 70cm versions.  I use them both and have a wonderful time working
>FO-20/FO-29/AO-27.  Do not expect to be able to use these antennas
>for birds like AO-10 which are in bigger orbits.  Those birds require
>additional gain.
>good luck
>73 de K9UUT
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