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APRS help at Vicksburg

Concerning the AMSAT conference in Vicksburg..
If there is anyone interested or willing to lug along the following
equipment, to help make some eye-catching displays, in the Lobby or
Hallway, it would be nice...

1)  A color TV monitor. (with baseband video input)
    This will be used to set up a live TV capture (just on a table in
    the hallway or reception area) from my APRS helmet which
    will be transmitting live Video throughtout the conference.

2)  A color VGA monitor for displaying the live APRS/GPS scene (it would
be nice if a local APRS person just put together the whole station so I
didnt have to worry about it.  Otherwise, I can lug along an extra laptop
and TNC and radio... in my carry-on luggage.

3)  This is another way to do #1.  If you just happen to have some one
that is SSTV savvy and wanted to put up a PC that would recveive SSTV
images to his PC screen this would serve well in addition to #1.

This would free up the monitor for use for the FSTV LIVE display...

Again, these are all OPTIONAL displays that would be nice to have, but I
can't drive, so I cant bring em...

This is NOT a REQUEST to burden the already busy volunteers.  This is only
offered as an opportunity for someone to play if they are interested in
doing some neat things in VIcksburg...  Lemme know...

bob, WB4APR

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