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FS: Satellite Station Items

Ok, it did not work out selling as a group, so I will break this down into smaller, more digestable chunks.
And tnx for the concern, but this is not from my home station, but from a station that I set up for my local radio club. I am alive and well on the birds...but 90% of my current operating occurs on low band HF.
A few notes, the following prices do not include shipping, for local pickup only. I think that I priced these items quite reasonably for a quick sale. If you disagree, just email me and we will talk.
Thanks for reading this!  de Bruce KG2IC
Icom 820H receiver: very clean, with manual and subband audio mod professionally installed via existing rear panel DIN connector. $870 with 25 amp Power Supply, $840 without Power Supply
Website info: http://www.icomamerica.com/amateur/satellite/
Yaesu G-5400B Rotor with Hygain Oscar Antennas: Rotor system with control box, rotor, and cables. Unit is in great condition and works 100%. Antennas are Hygain Oscar series, with 2m and 70cm. Crossboom is fiberglass from Diamond. I will not seperate the antennas from the rotor, so please do not ask twice. Buy the rotor and sell the antennas at a hamfest! -$475
Website info: http://www.yaesu.com/rotors.html
Kansas City Tracker/Tuner: Controls radio and rotor from computer using tracking software. Works with WISP, NOVA and others. About 1.5 years old, works 100%. With cables to the Yaesu rotor. Have manual, software, and if you're very lucky the orignal box! -$235
Website Info: http://wkweb4.cableinet.co.uk/amdat/sattrack.htm
SSB Electronics SP-2000 2m Preamp: Works and looks 100%, about 2 years old. -$175
Website info: http://www.ssbusa.com/gaasfet.html
SSB Electrontics SP-7000 70CM Preamp: Works and looks 100%, about 2 years old. -$175
Website info: http://www.ssbusa.com/gaasfet.html
Bruce KG2IC
  Bruce J. Howes KG2IC                  email:kg2ic@amsat.org                       
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