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IC-475H problems

In case someone else has had this problem??

Did the mods for 9600 baud and 1200 baud on my IC-475H, including
swapping out the FM filter for a wider version. Now, both receive
and transmit are dead on all modes. The red xmit LED on the front
does not come on (the green goes off) when PTT is activated. Noise
is heard on USB/LSB/CW audio, very little on FM, independent of
squelch. HT held close to antenna lead yields no detectable signal
on any mode.

Any ideas? I've checked and re-checked the cables to the Main board and
for solder splash, etc. I've reset the rig. It acts as if it is
not connected to its own antenna connector.

If it was a bogus wide filter, I would only expect FM to be affected.
Could I have blown the detector chip? Why would that affect transmit?

Any ideas would be helpful.

Best 73's
--Paul Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
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