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Re: Which Dual Band FM Rigs for AO-27

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Vince Risalvato wrote:

> Could someone post a link or some info on which dual band mobile rigs
> (if any) are best suited to AO-27 FM type operation. I will be using
> small AZ-EL CP steerable beams and preamp for the antenna end. 

My opinion, in no particular order...

1) tunes 430-440 MHz (mandatory)  2) full duplex operation (manadatory) 
2) has 1 kHz or smaller tuning steps (nice - 5 kHz will work fine)  
3) can tune 70cm band (for doppler adjustment) while transmitting on 2M. 
(many dual-band FM rigs make the "main band" for TX also the "main band" 
for tuning)  
4) sensitive receiver or use an outboard preamp (I like preamps, but see
5) separate VHF and UHF antenna jacks, or use a diplexer so the preamp
doesn't get hit with RF.  Preamps with rf-protection/switching help for
the day when you accidently transmit on the feedline you would NEVER, EVER
do that on.

> Are separate radio's practical (2M & 70CM)? Seems that a programabble
> dual band would be easier to use. A while back I read some commentary on
> using the channels to program doppler offsets (either here or a
> Newsgroup), but I can't seem to find the info again. 

Separate radios are VERY practical, esp. on a bird like AO-27 where the TX
frequency is fixed.  Note that some older used 70cm rigs that only tune
430-440 MHz can be had for less $ becuase they don't cover the US FM
repeater band.

73, happy operating!
Steve  KA1LM@amsat.org

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