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Re: Re: SedSat "Classified" ?

Dennis, Richard and All,
> The mode L transponder is a G3RUH type digital transponder. The current
> bitrate is 9.6k bits/sec. The problem with higher rates is that no one has 
> the mods to any of the commerical recievers to go to higher rates. Anybody
> want to solve that problem with an FT736?.

I am investigating the Icom PCR-1000 for receiving the TMSAT 38K4 downlink,  it 
has a 50KHz filter that may work.  I have been running it as the receive side of 
the station since the weekend on the 9600 satellites,  and it seems to be 
performing as well as the Icom-821H.  Just added another class to JStation that 
talks to the PCR-1000 for frequency control ;-)

As soon as I get a 38K4 modem and TMSat has some kind of schedule setup,  I will 
give it a try.

> Ballpark orbit is
> 31 degrees inclination, 500 x 1500 km. Launch date somewhere in October,
> probably after the 22nd now, according to Space News.

Not very good for northern lattitudes ;-(

-- John Melton  n6lyt/g0orx

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