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Re: Still can't get InstantTrack to work without a co-processor

>The only clue is that ITNCP
>says 'overlay not found' when invoked and quits to the 
>DOS prompt.

This is a very big clue John.

This message comes from Microsoft's overlay manager.  It is saying that it
cannot find the file ITNCP.EXE .  

There is something about the configuration of your laptop that is keeping
the overlay manager in InstantTrack from being able to find the file
ITNCP.EXE .  Now we know the file is there!  It has to be there, because
you had to fire it up to get that message!  Therefore we know that we can
make the program find it.  

The only time I have ever seen this problem was when a person renamed the
file ITNCP.EXE to some other name.  The overlay manager couldn't find
ITNCP.EXE because of course there was no file of that name, because the
person had given the file a different name.  I know its strange that the
overlay manager works this way.  All I can say is hey... I didn't write it.
 Microsoft did.  Microsoft's linker (in those days) hard coded the name of
the file into the program so that the overlay manager could open the file
to read in the overlay.

In earlier mail I asked you whether you had renamed ITNCP.EXE .  You didn't
respond.  Therefore, I don't know whether you understood what I was saying.
 First thing to do: Please verify that you have not renamed the file

If you have not renamed the file, then the issue is still something that is
keeping the program from being able to find the file ITNCP.EXE once it is
running.  I don't know what other situation could cause this.  It has to be
something to do with paths, or default directories, or some other file
system detail of the environment on your laptop.

You also didn't tell us how you launch the program.  Did you launch from a
DOS prompt?  Did you type ITNCP while you were connected to the directory
that contains ITNCP.EXE?  Did you type ITNCP while connected to some other
directory?  This sort of detail may be required to diagnose the problem.

What OS are you running?  Dos?  Win3.1?  Win95?  Win98?

Anything odd or unusual in your autoexec.bat?

This problem has nothing to do with coprocessors.  IT.EXE and ITNCP.EXE use
the very same Microsoft overlay manager.  

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