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Well, here is what appears to be happening. RS13 is on in mode K (15 meters
up, 10 meters down ) and RS12 is in mode T (15 meters up and 2 meters down)
So, we have input in the area of 21.260 to 21.300 coming down at 29.460 to
29.500 and input at 21.210 to 21.250 coming down at 145.6 area (don't
remember the exact area) The robot is listening at 21.140 and repetes down
at 29.458. And yes, it works very, very well, the only problem is the lack
of users. Amazing, we have a great QRP satellite and it is empty most of
the passes overhead!
49 states QRP/Satellite

>Hi All,
>Did I miss something here?? I remember the "uplink" being 21.215MHz -
> and the "downlink" 29.415MHz - 29.450MHz. Beacon at .408 and Robot .454
>snip<<    Ok gang, the RS-12 package has been shut down and RS-13 is up
>running. What does this mean to you? Satellite operation in mode K,
>between 21.260 to 21.300 KHz and the downlink  at 29.460 to 29.500 KHz.
>Look for the beacon at 29.505>>
>I would appreciate clearification since I have "worked" this bird many
>in the past. Sure disappointed when it quit.
>73 Bill WJ5O

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