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Re: Getting an Arrow (Satellite Mobile)

On Sun, 27 Sep 1998, STEVE DIGGS wrote about handheld satellite Antenna:

> 2. Purchase the Arrow model with the duplexer. It's simple and works

At DCC conference in CHicago this weekend, the new Kenwood 5 watt dual
band HT WITH BUILT IN 1200/9600 baud TNC was "leaked" to the attenders!
After playing with all of its built in TNC/GPS/APRS features and displays
we took it out to the parking lot and used a handheld 3 element UHF beam 
to see what it would do on the pacsats.  With no WISP/PG/PB we still saw
screens full of downlinked UI packets from KO23, KO25 and UO22 using just
a dumb tereminal program on a laptop.

I must have a handheld UHF 3 element beam for VIcksburg to demo this HT 
and I may not have time to build one.  Is this Arrow you mention just what
I am looking for?  Does it fold up?  Is there a WEB picture somewhere? 
I want a briefcase portable antenna which I was looking forward to

PLEASE NOTE:  This was a 9600 baud TNC demo only.  The HT was not designed
for satellite oprations, so it does not have full duplex TNC nor does it
do TNC crossband at this time.   But we have our fingers crossed...


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