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Re: Mir Digipeating

> It is my understanding that many "experts" have said that digipeating thru
> mir is a no-no but, the russians who control the station have never said
> whether it is O.K. or not and seeing that up until recently the digipeater
> function was always left on it seems that they did not have an objection to
> it.
I think common sense should prevail rather than rules in 
this respect. Ie if the MIR station is busy, it is obvious 
from watching the packets that it is a waste of everyones 
time to digipeat via connected packets, although I have 
seen MANY sucessful connections that didn't bother ANYONE 
during nightime hours, and have heard from people in less 
populated areas that it works fine ALL the time in some 
   The BEST way to digipeat through the MIR, however, is 
via unproto (unconnected)packets. This will generally not 
bother ANYONE.
  Both have been used for years, and only in the last 
couple years have a small number of people tried to 
discourage digipeating. And even the "experts" who 
discourage it do Unproto digipeating themselves.  The 
"common sense" of it is that if you see someone having a 
hard time with a connection to the BBS, let him finish.  If 
the Russians didn't want digipeating, they would simply 
turn it off. I think they have turned it off from time to 
time, but usually it is on. Often it will "seem" to be off 
because the frequency is so busy that it is hard to get 
even a short UI packet through.
   UI digipeating is by far the most efficient way for the 
average ham to use the MIR, and as long as consideration is 
given to those trying to use the PMS there should be no 

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