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Re: Getting an Arrow (Was: Satellite Mobile)

->   Where might one find/buy such an arrow antenna? What other type of
-> antenna
->   would be acceptable for QRP FM work on AO-27?
-> Here's a description and you can order them directly from Arrow
-> Antenna:
->   http://members.aol.com/Arrow146/arrowii.html#m2

I'd like to add something extra to this thread. I've been using my Arrow
Antenna purchased at the AMSAT booth at Dayton this year, and LOVE it.


1. Invest in the Downeast Microwave 70cm preamp. At $65, it doubles the
usefulness of the setup.

2. Purchase the Arrow model with the duplexer. It's simple and works

3. Since the unit has 1/4-20 holes drilled underneath the rubber handle,
it works beautifully on a camera tripod as a base. Much better than the
armstrong method <grin> during those gawd-awful Saturday/Sunday AO/27

Suggestion to designer of Arrow Antenna. Please move the above mentioned
holes further towards the short end of the handle. Where they are now
tends to make the tripod mount and the 70cm reflector element
non-compatible. About 1" would do perfect. Yeah, I know I can drill it,
but it would be nice for the design to incorporate it.

Look forward to seeing youse guys in Vicksburg; I'm leaving Atlanta
Thursday noon, and hope to work AO-27 mobile on the way over, then the
Vicksburg repeater when close in.

Steve Diggs, W4EPA
Atlanta Area Coordinator

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