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Still can't get InstantTrack to work without a co-processor

Howdy again.  Thanks to the nice folks who replied with
suggestions to solve my problem (can't get ITNCP to run
on my Toshiba T4400SX laptop).   I tried all the suggestions
(and a few more) without success.

   -scanned for a virus, none found
   -increased 'files='  and 'buffers=' parameters to twenty
   -reloaded into a different directory, no help
   -tried to run from the root directory, same problem
   -tried the copy of IT on a different computer- works OK there
   -ran memory and HD diagnostics, no problems found
   -copied ITNCP from another computer, won't work on the
    laptop but works fine on the other computer

I'm using an original distribution disk from AMSAT.  Since I
have no co-processor on the laptop, I'm forced to use the
no co-processor version, ITNCP.  I'm beginning to think
there may be an inherent problem with the Toshiba laptop,
even though it runs everything else (including Windows)
with no obvious problems.  The only clue is that ITNCP
says 'overlay not found' when invoked and quits to the 
DOS prompt.

I'm about to give up, but thought I'd try you guys one more
time for suggestions.  Thanks!   John  W5EME

John Harrington wrote:
> Howdy.  I've used IT for several years, with no
> problems whatsoever.  Recently, I acquired a Toshiba
> T4400SX laptop, a 486SX 25mHz machine with 10Mb main
> memory, but no math co-processor.  I'm having no luck
> running IT on it.  Since I have no math co-processor,
> I use "ITNCP", which is the version designed for
> machines with no co-processors.  When I invoke ITNCP,
> I get an error message "overlay not found" and back to
> the DOS prompt I go.  I tried reinstalling the program
> from the original AMSAT disk, and even installed DOS
> Version 6.21 (the version I use on several other machines)
> with no luck.  What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone may have for
> fixing this annoying problem.
> Best regards,  John  W5EME   johnh@ih2000.net
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