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Re: RS-13

Aloha Richard et al.-

Looks like it is RS13 :-) since I just worked John K6YK via those freqs :-)

RS12 and RS13 are tied together, and presumably they turned off the RS12
transmitters and turned on RS13 in Mode K (I didn't listen for a 2M

BTW - the RS birds are also the only US NOVICE class satellites. When the
robot is quiet, you can pass your CW through the robot!!! And the robot is
in the novice cw band limitations.

Aloha - ted - NH6YK

(John (K6YK) and I have worked on HF and Satellites, it always is a bit of
a shock to hear "almost" your call come back to you!!! [nh6yk/kc6yk])

>Is there a typo below.  RS13 is not turned on, do you mean RS12, if so the
>freqs. you give are incorrect.  I am a newbie so I may have this all wrong.
>At 09:31 AM 9/26/98 -0400, John W Lee wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>OK last night (26th GMT) at 0410 myself and K6EHA made
>>a QSO on RS13 on SSB. It's on mode K and sounding good!
>>The beacon is on 29.505
>>Uplink appears to be 21.260 to 21.300
>>Downlink 29.460 to 29.500
>>Robot is on 29.458 listening on 21.140
>>Note that the uplink is not in the extra part of the
>>Go get 'em!
>>John, K6YK

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