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Getting an Arrow (Was: Satellite Mobile)

    Where might one find/buy such an arrow antenna? What other type of antenna
    would be acceptable for QRP FM work on AO-27?

Here's a description and you can order them directly from Arrow Antenna:


Or if you want to use a credit card or would rather deal with a conventional


And a local retailer also had them at the Livermore (California) Flea 
Market.  So there may be several options for you.

The Arrow normally has separate feed lines for VHF/UHF, so you will probably
want a diplexer to use it with an HT or other dual-bander.  Arrow will install
one in the handle for you if you order the diplexer at the same time as the
antenna. So that's a good reason to get one direct.

I've heard a few other operators on AO-27 using new antennas (besides the
Arrow), but as yet have not gotten any details.  

		-- KD6PAG

P.S.  I have no interest in Arrow Antenna (and even use an antenna of my
own design for the same purpose).  I've just heard alot of fine operators
on AO-27 getting good results under marginal conditions and recommend them
on that basis.

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