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Re: Antenna Selection

Franklin Antonio writes:

> >Trees absorb *vertical* polarisation better than any other. So common sense
> >sez: don't go for vertical polarisation.
> I am really surprised by that statement.  My gut reaction is that it must
> be wrong.  
> Can you provide a reference to the technical literature where this result
> is presented?

No. Saw it in RSGB's "Radio Communication" several years ago. Might have
been in the same issue that talked about using trees as vertical radiators
for hf (some sort of wrap-around coupler that the military used). They're
wet so maybe its the column of liquid that does it - its not efficient but
it works; for battlefield and covert operations - its a bit difficult for 
clandestine forces to erect big masts without someone noticing.

And no - it was *not* an April issue.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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