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Charles S. Krin, KC5EVN, writes:

>In a message dated 24-Sep-1998 21:56:29 Central Daylight Time,
>hansen@ait.fredonia.edu writes:

>> >Why not just hit the "enter" key at the end of 80 columns ?
>>  >Thats so easy Ray Charles could see it.
>>  >
>>  I do this, but I hate doing it.  The problem is if
>>  you want to then go back and insert additional text, you
>>  have to manually reformat all the lines.  This is a royal
>>  pain.  We solved this problem with word processors
>>  years and years ago, why can't it be done with e-mail
>>  clients?

>Get a better class of email client!

>IF AOL can manage word wrap, everybody ought to. I've had no trouble with
>either Free Agent or Agent (both available at www.forteinc.com- Free Agent 
>is just that, and Agent has some powerful filters built in, as well as one 
>of the nicer mail setups. Available in both 16 and 32 bit versions. This 
>is not a paid advert!), or with Netscape Communicator.

>I've noticed on other newsgroups that even the venerable PINE can have the
>defaults set to properly format to 80 columns automatically, so having to 
>hit the return key at the end of every line should be out the door along 
>with the old manual Remington (

I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I still feel a need
to remind everybody that Amsat-BB has close to 2000 subscribers 
around the world, and these people are using every imaginable type
of computer, operating system, and mail program that you can imagine,
probably including some that you have never heard of. A lot of people
don't have dial-up PPP connections direct to the internet, and a lot
of people are still using shell accounts. If you have never used a
shell account, it might be an educational experience for you to see 
how some people read their mail. 

You should neither assume nor require that every subscriber to Amsat-BB
has a certain type of mail reader. Hitting return after 80 characters 
may be a pain for some of you, but it is a courtesy to those users
who are not running your "modern" software.

Dan Schultz N8FGV  
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