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Suggestions please

Good morning all. I have just purched and assemblied a M^2  2M5-440XP dual
band 2 meter/440 antenna. For those not knowing, it is constructed on a
single rod with the 2 meter and 440 antennas perpendicular to each other.
Question . What are your recommendations ? Should I put the antenna up so
that the 2 meter is horizonal polarized; therefore the 440 would be
vertical polarized, or vise versa ,whereby the 440 would be horizontal etc.
Or do you think that it should be put up so the antennas are in an X
position ( 45 degrees to the plane of the earth). The antenna will be
mounted with azimuth rotation. Possibly I may put up a vertical rotation,
but found out when I was operating satellites 15 years ago, Oscar
5,6,7,8,AO-10 and Oscar 13, that the change in attitude did not make that
much difference. Now that I am getting back into attempting to operate
satallite again I can stand some suggestions. The equpment is a YAESU
FT-847. (modified for polling), and at the present I am using a 2m/440
duplex vertical which has allowed me a few contacts on RS-12 and F0-20.
Thank you for taking the time to read this request.......73  John K2JF

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