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Re: RS-13 Switched on ??

On Thu, 24 Sep 1998 17:38:35 -0400 John Heath
<100675.3601@compuserve.com> writes:
>The Amsat-UK 2 meter net received a report from Robert G8ATE  that
>suggested the RS13 transponder had been activated.  
(Much snipped)

Today September 25th at 16:30Z I heard the RS13 beacon
on 29.505, also the robot on 29.458. The robot responded
to me with "RPT" every time I called on 21.140.

I heard some undistinguishable SSB on the downlink 
passband.  Tried Mode A with negative results, tried 
Mode K with no results.  I can't duplex on mode K, so
if I was making it, nobody answered my many SSB and 
CW  CQ's.

If this bird works like RS10/11 it seems like the 
frequencies should be something like:

Mode A uplink 145.960 to 146.000
Mode A downlink 29.460 to 29.500

Mode K uplink 21.260 to 21.300
Mode K downlink 29.460 to 29.500

Mode T uplink 21.260 to 21.300
Mode T downlink 145.960 to 146.000

Does any of this sound familiar?  I found this in a 
message I received in 1986 from the AMSAT BBS.

Thanks to K6EHA who gave me the word that the beacon 
was on.  

One other thing that's strange, it seems that when 
RS10/11 was working, they either had RS10 or RS11 on,
but not both at the same time. This time it appears that
RS12 and RS13 are both on.

73,John, K6YK

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