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QRP FM on AO-27 (was Re: 9600 baud...)

On Thu, Sep 24, 1998 at 10:42:31PM -0500, Jeff Johns wrote:
> On 09-24 01:58pm, the following was written:
> > I now operate QRP portable on AO-27, as do a number of experienced
> Where might one find/buy such an arrow antenna? What other type of antenna
> would be acceptable for QRP FM work on AO-27?

  Just to enter my two cents into this area, I'm currently working about
a station or two every day with my FT-50 and a 5/8 wave loaded dual-band
whip.  I've been running 5W, but I'm guessing I could reduce power a
bit and still be heard.
  If you're willing to spin in circles looking for the correct
polarization and orientation of the antenna, it does work!  (I'm sure my
co-workers think I'm a nut, but that's ok...)
  I'm currently building a 70cm 4-element beam for receive, which I can
report on when I've finished (waiting to find a drill press right now).
  Good luck on AO-27, and hope to hear you on!

- KC7RYN, grid CN87

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