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In a message dated 24-Sep-1998 21:56:29 Central Daylight Time,
hansen@ait.fredonia.edu writes:

> >Why not just hit the "enter" key at the end of  80 columns ?
>  >Thats so easy Ray Charles could see it.
>  >
>  I do this, but I hate doing it.  The problem is if
>  you want to then go back and insert additional text, you
>  have to manually reformat all the lines.  This is a royal
>  pain.  We solved this problem with word processors
>  years and years ago, why can't it be done with e-mail
>  clients?
Get a better class of email client!

IF AOL can manage word wrap, everybody ought to. I've had no trouble with
either Free Agent or Agent (both available at www.forteinc.com- Free Agent is
just that, and Agent has some powerful filters built in, as well as one of the
nicer mail setups. Available in both 16 and 32 bit versions. This is not a
paid advert!), or with Netscape Communicator.

I've noticed on other newsgroups that even the venerable PINE can have the
defaults set to properly format to 80 columns automatically, so having to hit
the return key at the end of every line should be out the door along with the
old manual Remington (that I wish I still had, as the sucker would be worth a
fair chunk of bucks now!).

Another gripe, while we are on the subject of format. I don't mind some of the
long .sigs- but if I can figure out that the (double dash <space>) at the
start of the .sig will keep most of the sophisticated news readers from
quoting the .sig block in the reply...Now I just wish AOL would add that (and
automatic .sig blocks) to their offline newsreader!

Charles S. Krin, DO FAAFP
Member, PGBFH

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