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Re: The Pop Can System of Measurement

Aloha Laura and all -

Other useful measurements -

A pencil at "arms length" is 1/2 degree and will cover the sun or moon

At arms length, spread your thumb and little finger as far apart as
possible - what we in Hawaii call a Shaka - This gives you 20 degrees.

You can prove it by running out tonight (if you are north of the equator)
and seeing how high up Polaris is.... In Hawaii (Honolulu) it's one shaka
and a bit (maybe 2 pencils :-) )  or 21 degrees...

This unit works fairly well, as people with shorter arms tend to have
smaller hands/shakas.

All this is useful when you are trying for satellite sighting and aiming
your 3 element beam when you are talking to MIR :-)

If you know south/north, you can use the shaka to get the direction of rise
too :-) :-)   220 degrees az = 2 shakas right of south :-)

73 and aloha - ted

>One of those weird observations that may actually come
>in handy some time...
>I found a couple of days ago that if I held a pop can
>(usual weird North American size, 355 ml) at arm's
>length, it subtended an angle of very nearly 10 degrees.
>This made a handy go-no go gauge when standing up on
>the roof seeing how high the trees around the building
>Your mileage will vary, naturally - while I'll happily
>send you an empty pop can, I need my arms. :-)
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>Grid: FN03gs                     pied a terre..."
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