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The Pop Can System of Measurement

One of those weird observations that may actually come
in handy some time...

I found a couple of days ago that if I held a pop can
(usual weird North American size, 355 ml) at arm's
length, it subtended an angle of very nearly 10 degrees.
This made a handy go-no go gauge when standing up on
the roof seeing how high the trees around the building

The angle is the result of high school trigonometry,

   Pop Can angle = arctan(pop can height / arm length)

Your mileage will vary, naturally - while I'll happily
send you an empty pop can, I need my arms. :-)

Laura Halliday VE7LDH/3   "Que les nuages soient notre
Grid: FN03gs                     pied a terre..."
                                   - Hospital/Shafte

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