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Antenna Selection

I am interested in any *positive* input (or constructive criticism) regarding antennas.  I plan on ordering my radio soon (hopefully Friday) and I now need to decide on antennas for 2m and 440.  Let me give you some background:
    1.  The radio I am going to order is the IC-821 (I plan on eventually getting on the pacsats)
    2.  I am somewhat limited to my antenna installation (i.e.. there are *lots* of trees in the area requiring a tower of at least 80').This is not necessarily a problem other than I don't have an 80' tower.  Takeoff angle in any given direction is probably 70 degrees or better.
    3.  I have been looking (intently) at the M2 eggbeater antennas with the radial kit. 
Looking for some good advice from some of you people in the know out there.  If I haven't provided enough information, I'll be more than happy to provide more.
Joel B. Black