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"Science" articles (AUG 98)

From: Peter ELLIS@DAO on 09/24/98 11:25 AM

To:   amsat-bb@amsat.org
Subject:  "Science" articles (AUG 98)

For others with more intimate interest to follow up if applicable...

seen in passing in the ADS Abstract service < http://adswww.harvard.edu/ >

... in "Science" journal, AUG 98 (American Association for the Advancement
of Science)

Title: SPACE: Engineers Dream of Practical Star Flight
 Journal: Science, Vol. 281, Iss. 5378, p. 765 (1998)
 Publication Date: 08/1998

Title: RADIO ASTRONOMY: China Hopes to Move FAST on Largest Telescope
 Authors: HUI, L.
 Journal: Science, Vol. 281, Iss. 5378, p. 771 (1998)

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