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Re: UN Station

HI Erik,

I wish you good luck in trying to activate the NY UN HQ on satellite.

To the best of my knowledge, there is not a satellite station as such at the
site. I did contact a station trustee several years ago. I asked for
permission to activate the UN on satellite. I offered to bring my own
equipment/antennas if necessary.

However, I found the trustee most uncooperative. It seemed as though he
expected a large donation of equipment and/or money and if such was not part
of the deal then he was unwilling to allow me to activate the UN station on
satellite. Perhaps this is the reason why the UN in NY has not (to my
knowledge) been active on satellite.


Jim, KK3K

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>Do any of you know if the Amateur Radio Station at the UN building in New
>York has satellite capabilities?
>If so, who is the contact?
>I have temporarily been deported to New York and dying to work HF or
>satellites. It is a little hard to do from a hotel room in Manhattan :-(
>73 de VE7MDL/W2             ....Erik.
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