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RS-12 now in Mode T

>From Seattle, Washington, CN87, 23 Sept 1998, 0431-0448 UTC pass of RS-12:

The satellite appeared to be in Mode T, 15m up, 2m down, as reported
earlier by John, K6YK.  The 10m beacon was not audible.  Signals were great
on the 2m downlink.  I was loud as the beacon with 15 watts to a vertical up.

I observed some interesting propagation effects.  I had one QSO, with K7ZL
in Eugene, OR.  I didn't hear anybody else who was on the satellite
*intentionally*.  But I did hear a Japanese station talking to a Chinese
station, and a New Zealander talking to a fellow in Alaska.  I could not
hear either station on 15m using my vertical.  But the satellite heard 'em
just fine on 15m, and relayed them down beautifully.  

Nice to hear trans-Pacific DX on a LEO satellite--I can dream, can't I?
:-)   Anyway, this bodes well for those of us who also play with the
ionosphere on HF.

73 from KD7MW
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