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Goodies for sale

Items for sale, some at new lower prices. Please read TERMS below.

PRO-2046     Radio Shack scanner                    $95 + $10 shipping     
             29-890 Mhz, AM/FM, 100 channels
             Box/Manual/DC pwr cord/Mobile bracket
             This is still a current RS model,
             selling for $149

PRO-50MX     Radio Shack Stereo Headset with boom     $40 + $5 shipping
             mic. Has extra large/soft/thick closed 
             vinyl earcushions, like Heil. Only
             three months old.

FT-230R      Yaesu 2 meter FM xcvr                   $90 + $10 shipping
             25 watts, Digital display, PL
             TT mic/manual/DC pwr cord/mobile bracket

TRS04VD      ARR (Advanced Receiver Research)         $40 + $5 shipping
             sequencer. PPT in, 4 DPST relays out 
             Commercially manufactured unit
             PC board only (not a kit)

MFJ-462B     Multi digital mode LCD display terminal  $40 + $5 shipping
             AF in, displays: AMTOR/CW/RTTY/PACKET 
             DC pwr cord/manual

IC-751A      Icom 100 watt HF xcvr/gen rcvr, PBT,    $600 + $20 shipping
             160-10 meters, 32 men, AM/FM/CW/SSB,
             DC pwr cord/manual/mic/mobile bracket 
             This is an "A" model, S/N: 07085

The following IC-751A options will ONLY be made available to the 
purchaser of the radio. The purchaser can pick and chose which addition 
items he/she wants.

               EX-310    Voice synthesizer        $60 
               FL-53     250 Hz CW filter         $60 
               RC-10     Direct freq 10 key pad   $60 
               UX-14     CI-V computer interface  $60 
               MFJ-941C  Ant tuner w/meter        $50

IC-751A + all above options, package price: $800 + $20 shipping

Once the IC-751A is sold, any remaining options will be posted and sold 
separately at that time.


1) Prices are for CONUS only

2) Send me an eMAIL message to reserve an item(s) which you want to 
purchase. If I receive several requests for the same item(s), the tie 
breaker will be the date/time stamp of the eMAIL messages. First in gets 
the reservation, second in will go on wait list.

3) I will confirm your reservation via an eMAIL reply

4) Send US money order (no personal checks) to my home callbook mailing 
address. Include your "ship to" address.

5) All money orders MUST be received by me within 7 days or the deal is 
assumed canceled. The item will either go to the next person in line, or 
relisted on the internet for sale. If you need additional time for you
payment to reach me, you must eMAIL me piror to the 6th day to prevent 
that item(s) from being sold to the next person in line. No exceptions!

6) I will ship UPS ground next day after receipt of your money order.


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