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Re: Re: Anti-ham Stance position by LAFD

Two years ago I was raked over the coals by many of you after I postred a note
stating that our Newsline organization had opened the nominating period for
our 1996 "Young Ham of the Year Award."  I received a large number of abusive
private notes and there were similar postings tpo the board.  All had the same
thread; IE:  -- "...its not space related and it does not belong here."

I would think that honoring the avccomplishments of those who are the future
of ham radio is just as important as a fight between some guy none of you know
and his homeowners association.  I see a double standard here -- and I suggest
that all of you choose one standard or the other.  

If you open the door to this Logavardi's problems then you open the door to
postings on any topic -- even those not any way related to ham radio.  

I'm here for science and space related information.  If I want rumor and
inuendo, I can turn on any talk radio program.  And if you re-read the
origional posting on this subject -- that is all you are dealing with.  

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF / Newsline

In a message dated 98-09-22 11:28:46 EDT, you write:

 >But i, speaking only as an active member of this
 >list, most respectfully ask that you please continue this discussion
 >either in a more general forum or one more specific to your concerns and 
 I disagree.  This is an issue which could adversly affect us all, and I
 most definitly appreciate hearing about it through the list.  Please,
 Khalil, keep me informed.
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