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Re: 9600 Baud Pacsats/Portable?

I need expert opinion.  See question at end...

> In preparing for a student Lab, tonight was my first try at receiving the
> 9600 baud pacsats from a Mobile...

SUCCESS:  I changed my approach and added a UHF yagi and Preamp and now
got 20 K downlink to normal UHF FM mobile radio (did not tune doppler!)  I
will now work backwards to see what minimum system will be for mobile and
smaller antenna.  But I have a new question:

I am runnning dumb terminal software because I want to see every packet
and understand, so I am not trying to operate WISP or other full
pacsat-protocol at this time.  

What I see are the following UI packets QST, HITVAR, BBSTAT, TLM, PBLIST,
STATUS and 8 stations were in the PBLIST packets.  All of these packets
except for the TLM packets contained meaningful TEXT.  But NO packets
during the eitire 6 minutes contained ANY text or data in them that looked
like messages, or portions of files.  I saw NO packets other than these
standard UI frames.  (Only the TLM frame was ascii gyberish as expected).

I even went to KISS mode.  Still, only the UI overhead and telemetry
packets, nothing that looked like portions of files or messages.

Is there a PID problem here?  Is the data itself transmitted with a
non-standard PID?   Does the PID filter work in KISS mode? Or
do I have to have a TNC that can accept ALL PID'S?

OR was everyone in automatic unattended, and no one was requesting any
files?  This was at 1030 AM during working hours...



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