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Re: Anti-ham Stance position by LAFD


This thread brings up a point too close to home for comfort. I have been
working with my neighbors, the City and the Federal Court system
for over two years to obtain permission to erect a 30 foot tower
to support an az-el Mode S+L array with a crossboom height of
of 33 feet behind my 32-foot high home. My lawsuit against the
City is awaiting Summary Judgement from the Federal Court.

The plans for this installation were certified and STAMPED by a
state-licensed structural PE. Their HIRED forensic PE had minor
adjustments to suggest which we agreed to. No problem with structure.
(By the way, to meet EIA/TIA-222 here is 80MPH with 1/2 of radial
ice. That took 30 feet of Rohn *55G* to accomplish, freestanding!!)

The plans for this installation were reviewed by my state-licensed
communications PE and STAMPED as *well-below* the minimum recommended
for the desired communications mode. Their HIRED communications 
engineer characterized my application, in writing, as nothing
exotic and the minimum required to engage in the desired mode
of communication. No problem with *technical need*.

The thing that took this plan south was the City Government and 
the neighbors whipping themselves into a worried frenzy over
issues that had no specific factual basis such as impact on their
property va lues, interference with their telephones, my eves-dropping
on the cellphone conversations, interference with their buried
dog fences, health effects of RF exposure, etc.

This was for a 432MHz and above satellite installation, people!
Small antennas, little chance of interference with neighbors
appliances, short tower, structurally sound, with a drop zone
well within our property.

It just points to a comment by KG0MW, Chad Phillips, the control
op of the recent W0E EROS special events station: the most crucial
and necessary challenge we currently face is PUBLIC RELATIONS. The
more we can get ourselves out in from of the cameras, in front
of reporters, in front of our neighbors concerning our amateur
radio SERVICE, the more we teach young people in our shacks, in
our community outreach, in our VE classes, the less this kind
of irrational backlash will occur. We are one of the few self-
sustaining self-educating technical groups left in the U.S.
We should promote that and our SERVICE to the community and nation
at large EVERY chance we get!

Just a suggestion, but worth the bandwidth, I think.

Best 73's to all.

Paul Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
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