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Re: Re: Anti-ham Stance position by LAFD

Dear John:

While I agree with you on the more specific orientation of this list,
it is an unmoderated forum after all.  In my opinion, it is pertinent to
this list, since it can/could affect other Hams' properties/houses and
as you know, this includes satellite antennas.  I do agree with you
on continuing "...all about covenants, antenna restrictions, etc.," on
another discussion list and/or forum.

On the other hand, I do believe most sincerely, that Kahilil-K6FCC
has every right to express his thoughts on this or any other list.  After
reading his post as well as the response he quoted from the LAFD,
I have no doubt, that he had no choice but to provide the background
or context - and if nothing else, a "heads up folks!" notice for the
general Amateur community world wide.

Considering the recent and past personal flame wars on this list, this
posting is just fine by me.  Remind me never to buy a condo in LA :-)

--------------->\./<------------please place complaints here  :-)

Sincerely, and pardon the extra bandwidth in advance,