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9600 Baud Pacsats/Portable?

In preparing for a student Lab, tonight was my first try at receiving the
9600 baud pacsats from a Mobile.  I was using only an OMNI whip over a
ground plane. I would be interested in your experienced reply to these

I had TNC at 9600 baud and PASSALL ON.

I could clearly hear the signal of KO23 on 435.175 but no packets.
I could not detect anything from UO-22 on 435.12 nor KO-25 on 436.5.

1) THere are two new sats, but they are not on the air yet over USA.
Is their any other 9600 baud bird I am missing other than these 3?

2) Was something wrong with KO-25 and UO-22 tonight?
3) Has anyone had experience receiving downlink on groud plane antenna?
4) Any experience using 5 watt and/or OMNI on the 2m uplink?
5) What is your experience with using a 5 KHz step radio?

I know all of these are sub-optimal, but I am trying to quantify the
collective experience of other operators under these specific conditions.
Has anyone operated portable with 5 watts from briefcase antennas?  It
should be easy to put together a 3 element uplink and UHF downlink
collapsable antenna.

de Bob

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