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re: special events...

Well the 25th anniversary of the EROS Data Center is over. Besides the wind
blowing at gale force (well it seemed like it), the weather was great. Dr.
Murphy was with us though! We assembled the antennas and were attempting to
hoist the tower up when the winch cable snapped. Bringing down a 60ft tower
slamming onto the trailer it sits on. Luckily everything survived and no one
was hurt. The tnc from MFJ did not show up in time for us to operate digisats.
The Murphed list goes on from there.
This was our first attempt at a special events station. It was really an
experience. I found out what was more important than actually talking over the
radio, was answering questions from the public. We had numerous people come up
and say that they were interested in becoming a ham and had ALOT of questions.
Demonstrations were given to people to show them how we could track a
satellite and communicate thru it. Then they would step over to the HF station
and hear what was going on there. People were amazed to find out that they
could do this same thing from there own home! 
So even though Dr. Murphy paid his visit, at least 10,285 people within 6
hours had the chance to stop by our station and see what was going on. It was
a great success and all had a great time.

Thanks to the following,
Burghardt Amateur Radio Center
Sioux Empire Amateur Radio Club
EROS Amateur Radio Society
The Unites States Geological Survey
To all that stopped by
and lastly, murph...

Chad Phillips
Control Op w0e


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