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Re: RS 12

At 04:47 PM 9/20/98 -0300, LW5EFL wrote:

>Are both modes A and K, actually operational ??
>Been trying uplink 145910-950 USB without success.

Recently, RS-12 has been in Mode KT:  15m up, 10m and 2m down.  I much
prefer the downlink on 2m when it is available.  However, I tried to use
RS-12 last night, 9/20/98, 0308-0325 UTC, using 15m up and 2m down (Mode T)
 However, I heard no beacon CW or downlink signals on 2m.  I listened on
10m, and the beacon and QSOs were clearly audible.  I could not uplink on
2m either.  

Since I clearly heard QSOs on the 10m downlink, I suspect that the only
active mode was 15m up and 10m down (Mode K).  Since I don't have dual HF
rigs hooked up, I could not confirm this, and it was too late in the pass
for a QSO.

Does anybody know what's going on? Is another mode switch in progress?

73 from KD7MW,
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