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On Sat, 19 Sep 1998, Clifford Buttschardt wrote:
>Jack I am very curious to know why you would want these back issues of

>QEX.  Nowdays, it seems no one cares about things technical, just

>political.  The pastime is flaming any of us that have built the hobby.


>I have every issue of QEX ever published and quite a few newsletters that

>were written by many creating that publication.  Cliff K7RR

^^ That was asking for this:

Just because you built something doesn't make you any more of an amateur
than one who didn't but has an opinion. Opinions don't have to be
qualified, that's part of what makes them opinions.

I filed of two inches of paper to the FCC in the 2304 fiasco a few years
back. How much did you do in that matter to "build the hobby"? I don't 
recall seeing a single comment from you in saving our allocations. I've
built everything from pc interfaces to HF & VHF amps too BTW.

These days the technical doesn't mean too much to the bean counters and
lawyers running the FCC and Congress. Perhaps wrong, but politics plays
more than technical ability. Regardless, if you keep your yap shut, you'll
never be told "no".

What was your point again?

James S. Kaplan KG7FU
Eugene Oregon USA

Have YOU tried Linux today?

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