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Jewelry contest

Vicksburg is coming up, and here are some answers to the questions we've
received in the hopes it will help others:
   1.  There is absolutely no charge to enter the contest, and the winner gets
the bolo tie.
   2.  ANYONE can enter the contest, and an entry permitted for each member of
your family if you wish....the only restriction, one entry per person.  You do
not have to attend the convention or the banquet, just observe the deadline.
    3.  With 10,000 choices a tie is unlikely.  If that happens, we'll
manufacture another one!

     For the benefit of those unable to receive attachments:


The jewelry contest this year will take a little different turn 
as a result of comments from members.  Their comments are really 
appreciated, and will explain the direction this year in 

Those not attending the convention felt that they were being 
discriminated against as the attendees had "hands on advantage", 
and that is certainly true.  The best presentation in either a 
photo or the best of computer generated images leaves something 
to be desired.

Some of those in attendance and some that did not attend said 
that the solutions are difficult and sometimes vague.  The 
contests to date have had from 45 to 75 entries with some 
amazingly close finishes, but they  have every right to their 

Others would like to see the prize be suitable for a man.  
Though the purpose of the contest is to provide some diversion 
for the ladies that attend, their reasoning is valid. The ladies 
can still enter, and present it to their significant other.

This years piece is a bolo tie.  Albeit a man's preference, 
ladies do wear them, perhaps only in a western motif.  Fashion 
is beyond the purview of this effort.

The slider of the tie is a small circuit board removed from a 
computer part.  It is about 1" x 1 1/4", and has affixed several 
surface mount devices. One of them is a surface mount capacitor 
that is 1/8" x 5/32". Your challenge, should you choose to take 
the assignment is to guess the the value of that capacitor. 
The value is between 1 and 10,000 pF. 

If not attending the convention, submit your entry prior to 
9 October 1998. Anyone can enter, but only one entry per person 
please.  Convention attendees are requested to submit their 
entry prior to 1500 on Saturday. Leanore, KA6UCD, will announce 
the winner at the banquet on that evening. You need not be 
present to win.

Submit entries to: wb6llo@amsat.org or lbguimont@aol.com or 
snail mail to their callbook address.  Landline is ok, or any 
satellite you catch us on. This message, and pictures of the 
bolo tie can be found:
Questions by the same methods, please.

The file is vickb.zip.  The pictorials are bolo1.gif and  
bolcl1.gif.  The capacitor is in the upper half of the slider. 
Let us know by email if you desire another format, and it will 
be sent as an attachment. This message will be duplicated 
there as vickb.txt.

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