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Re: A Little Help Needed

In a message dated 9/17/98 4:35:31 PM Hawaiian Standard Time,
bowlingalley@juno.com writes:

<< Any and all constructive advice will be greatly appreciated. >>

Doug, I'm only licensed since 1982 and am a newbie to satelites. But I'm
sorking FO20/29 and AO27 locally and to the states with a "J" pole 2 meter
uplink and a 5 element loop antenna down link with a preamp at the masthaed.
Antenna is about 30 degrees wide mounted at a permanent 30 degrees up from the
horizon (elevarion). I rotate its azimuth with an arangement of wires around a
drums thru the window  and within arms reach.

Ant gain is enough to bring in signals when birds are about5 degrees above
horizen. as antenna gain drops off past 45 degrees elevation the bird is
closer and stronger and compensates for ant gain loss. I've heard myself on
down links through out almost entire passes with only momentary decreases in
gain due to not having a CP antenna.

If interested, send an sase for a plan of the loop ant. (It's not my design)
And if really interested and you can download images, I'll take a photo and
sent it by email. 

Regards, Sid ah6hh in Hawaii
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