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Station Program

I seem to recall that the AMSAT-BDA site which used to link to the
Station Program files is no longer up.  Has the Station Program moved

I have been having difficulty getting Station Program  (latest version
as of about 1 month ago) to work with an ICOM 765 for the 10 meter
downlink on mode A.  Has anybody had success with this?  I am using the
CT-17 level converter with one port driving (successfully) my IC-821H
and the other attempting to link to the IC-765.

I have had no problem getting my logging program, for example, to
properly read and set vfo frequencies and modes on the IC765 at 1200
baud.  As soon as I go to Station, it tells me it is not reading the
radio.  I am pretty sure I have the Full Duplex screens set up right.
Anyway, I would appreciate any suggestions.

73 de Brian W3BW
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