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Re: launch opportunities?

>Well, it looks as though there may be one, if not two, large windows
>opening for a possible Phase 3D launch.
>Boeing, which lost the Galaxy 10 satellite on the first flight of it's
>new Delta 3, has a problem. Delta 3's failure has left insurance 
>companies wondering if their clients should be using brand-new boosters.
>Boeing has two that it is going to be introducing in the near term: the
>Delta 3 (when they figure out what went wrong with the first one) and
>the Sea Launch booster based on the Zenit booster. It is *very* likely
>that one if not both will make a flight next year with a dummy
>payload to "show it's maturity" to carry paying customers. These are
>boosters that have lauch to GTO (where Phase 3D wants to go) in
>the several ton class, so maybe we should be asking "Got any space
>you could spare?".

Good idea, except what if the thing should blow up again and throw
Phase 3D into the ocean. Would Boeing want to listen to all the Amsat
crybabies complaining how they screwed us over just like ESA? Why
should they put up with all that bad PR, when they could just launch
a concrete block which nobody will complain about if it gets soaked
in water.

Dan Schultz N8FGV
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