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Peter Guelzow wrote:
> I'm very sorry to inform you, that Leonied Labutin, UA3CR died on
> September 10 at his summer residence near Moscow on an heart attack.
> The funeral was held in Moscow on September 12.

This was very sad news for me to hear. I remember well when Leo
visited the USA for the first time (1988) to attend the AMSAT 
Annual Meeting in Atlanta; to add to Marty Davidoff's (K2UBC)
recollections -- on that occasion, Leo amazed us all by passing 
all elements the USA Extra Class license in one sitting, despite 
some problems with English. I believe that his obtaining a US call 
(AB4LZ) was a first for a Soviet citizen. 

I remember well Leo's entusiasm for taking amateur radio to
obscure places all around the world. I remember working him on
one of the RS satellites from a QTH in Arctic ocean (this was
a special joy for me because it gave me Asia for a very rare 
LEO satellite WAC). I remember Leo personally delivering me
a QSL card when we met in Ottawa to plan cooperative activities
for one of the trans-polar ski treks.

I remember visiting Leo and his family in Moscow in 1991. Leo
made a special trip home from the Irkutsk area of Siberia to
see me -- his "Adventurers Club" was sponsoring a trans-Soviet
wheelchair race. Leo and his son gave me the tour of the club
facility -- which they hoped would soon rival the US National
Geographic Society (which also housed the Moscow HF Packet Radio
gateway -- our first reliable source of reliable Email to/from
the Soviet Union). After a tour of the club and some off-the-
beaten-path places in the Arbat, we returned for the very Russian 
celebration between friends with bread, sausage, cucumbers, 
cheese, and >>OF COURSE<< lots of Vodka and Ukrainian wine.
I took them a number of hard-to-get ICs they needed desparately
to get some VHF packet radio nodes running in Moscow.

In addition to his involvement in the RS satellite program, Leo
was instrumental in getting AMSAT in contact with the Russian
(then Soviet) industrial sources that supplied the fuel tanks
now poised for launch inside P3D. 

Leo's wisdom and enthusiasm left me with many fond memories
spanning many years of friendship. I will cherish them forever. 
73 Leo -- you will be missed.


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