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Re: Newbie Question(s)

On Sun, 13 Sep 1998 11:54:57 -0500 "Joel B. Black" <jbblack@wwisp.com>

>on purchasing, new, an IC-821H.  However, I just realized that a major
>Amateur Radio dealer is closing out the TS-790 for the same price.
>Could I please have comments on these particular radios - especially
>from those that have owned both? 


I have not owned both radios, but I have owned a TS-790 for many years. I
have made many satellite contacts with it, and find it to be an excellent

I highly recommend the use of a mast mounted pre-amp, as the rig is less
than wonderful in the sensitivity department after 100 ft of coaxial
attenuator is placed between it and the antenna. I believe this will be
the same with any radio you purchase. The mast mounted pre-amp overcomes
this effect.

The second nit is a mistake that Kenwood has never fixed. In "SAT" mode,
the two VFO's are supposed to be locked for tracking the satellite. They
will lock while you have the "SAT" button pressed, but unlock as soon as
the button is released. The display indicates "SAT" mode, but the VFO's
are no longer locked. To re-lock. you must press the "SAT" button once to
get out of "SAT" mode, then repress and hold it to lock the VFO's again.
It is a very minor nit, as once you find your station, you will want to
unlock anyway to fine tune for doppler.

I think you will find that no matter which radio you get, all of them
work very well, and the choice really turns out to be a matter of
personal taste.

Jerry Malin, N2HV

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