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P3D Photos Site

I'm the first to say that I'd prefer to watch grass growing than try to
count electrons with an abacus, I am somewhat amazed that the counter on
the Phase 3D Lab's Daily Photos page is not going ballistic.

I have put this in as my browser's "home", so that I can check the daily
update of the goings on when I log on.


This is their / our Amateur Satellite history being made and shown on a
daily basis (well almost!)

Thanks and keep at it, guys [and girl(s).]
(Why hasn't Briana been coached to be able to get her licence yet?)

DE    _  .          Peter R. Ellis, Amateur Radio Op. VK1KEP
   _-' |_|\         at Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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  \_.--._ C/        Director,
         \/         RNARS Australia #1528 (see also http://come.to/rnars/)
          v         Custodian for club station VK1RAN
VK1KEP:   http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/5796/vk1kep.htm
Mine:          http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/5796/pre-pers.htm

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