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Landwehr preamp installation question...

Hi All,
I am told that many of the satellite transmission signals are weak and an antenna mounted preamp provides a significantly improved signal.  Thus, I purchased a 70cm Landwehr preamp from Radio Dan in Los Angeles, CA.  It is a refurbished unit, from Landwehr so I do not have an original instruction booklet.  I received a one page photocopy of some specs and wiring diagram.
Does anyone know if the preamp can be installed without connecting power to the remote port?  From what I can tell, the unit is self switching on trasmit up to 150W.  Since I will only be using a 50W radio, I want to know if I still need to run 12v to the preamps remote port.  It seems like the remote cable is only needed if transmitting above 150W.  Is this correct?  Also, is this a unit that either works or doesn't work?  Since it is a factory refurbished unit, I would like to know it is operating properly.
Can anyone provide assistance?