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telemetry info needed

Howdy everyone,

While this may be a bit off-topic, I know somebody on the list can help me.

I'm on a design team for a Formula-style race car and there's some talk
about instrumenting our car to provide real-time telemetry for monitoring
engine performance and other parameters on the car.

Size, weight, and cost are rather tightly constrained so I wanted to gather
some expert opinions before I made any decisions.

While a continuous data stream would be ideal, I thought that the APRS
telemetry system may be an alternative.  Since I'm more familiar with APRS,
I really need hardware and software suggestions for the continuous data
system.  I thought that a Clements MIM and TEKK dataradio would meet the
cost, weight, and size requirements.  Any other suggestions from the
satellite world that I could adapt to this situation would be greatly

Please send private email.
Thanks in advance!

Chris Stevens  KC5SYS
Vice Chair

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Texas A&M University

(409) 823-3605 (home)
(409) 845-6221 (ASME ofc)

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