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Re: Satellite tracking on a PalmPilot?

    I am not aware of any, although porting one of the simpler (text based)
    programs to the Pilot should be feasible.

I might be willing to do that if someone provides me with redistributable

    What I have done is used a PC-based program to create a text file of pass
    times, then exported the file to the pilot via HotSync.  Other mechanisms
    to make use of the built-in alarm function are also possible; I just
    haven't tried them.

I postprocess the output of UNIX SatTrack with Perl to generate files
to download to the Pilot's calendar program, and i currently have it
set to remind me 10 minutes before AO-27 goes overhead.  I hand track
it (homebrew dual-band antenna) and adjust doppler by ear.  That works
well for me; i just need more time during a day to transcribe the tapes
i produce (i like to log thoroughly).  I also generate predictions for
the locals [http://qsl.net/kd6pag/local.passes in PDT/PSD] and anyone
who wants to work me [http://qsl.net/kd6pag/AO-27.passes in UTC].

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