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a tmsat file for who can decode it

hi all
this file i captured by coincedence while G0SUL, surrey university
groundstation, was commanding
tmsat. They also seem to capture large files of over 1Mb.
The file appended to this msg was put into the images directory of WISP.
This file is also put in the dir of KO-25.
I'm curious if this is an image file. Can anyone process it?

I also keep TLM of tmsat but i can't process it either. I use WINTEL.

73 de ON1DLL  -  Dirk
e-mail :  ON1DLL@AMSAT.ORG
packet: ON1DLL@ON5VL.#LG.BEL
satmail: AO-16/KO-23/KO-25  

Tm011200.imt (IMT -bestand)