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FO20-29 Traffic over Europe

    Hallo friends,
    I want, if is possible, speack about a problem.
    For some little missing attention there are always 3 or 4 stations =
(and someone it's always the same) calling in the same frequence (kHz =
+/-) and nobody can reach to close a DX for 3/4 days.
    By my side this two satellites come from south and i come up many =
many time before other central Europe stations for my very southern qth =
    For this questions i don't understand what kind of satisfation there =
is to stay the first one 2 kHz up and the other second 2 Khz down my =
    The stations are always the same from DL (i am sorry but it's very =
thrue) and no response i have inviting them to let some kHz between us.
    So... i don't know what to do.
    I think if i receive them they receive me (of course).=20
    I am very sad.
    Where ham-spirit gone??
    Best wishes!!!

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