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North Korean CB sat

Got this off the CNN Site:

clipped here & there

North Korea said it launched a satellite aboard a three-stage rocket. 
But U.S. intelligence and defense sources said that, while North 
Korea may have tried to launch a satellite in conjunction with its 
first test of a two-stage Taepo Dong 1 missile, there is no evidence 
of a North Korean satellite orbiting the Earth. 

They say no radio transmissions have been detected and there have 
been no communications between North Korea and a satellite in Earth 

Pentagon sources say the Taepo Dong traveled about 950 miles (1,529   
km), dropping its booster stage into the Sea of Japan and then flying 
over the Japanese mainland before landing in the Pacific Ocean 300 
miles (483 km) east of the Japanese island of  Honshu. 

Looks like it never got up there, so don't break out the ole' CB's 
just yet.

How do I set my laser printer on stun?

Gregory S. Williams
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