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Re: Winzip with WISP

Winzip will not be used by WiSP for the Proc-Mail function.  WinZip can be
used after the zip file is put in one of the satellite sub-directories. 
For example, if you do not have a zip file decompressed by WiSP (with
pkunzip), it might be put in the \ko-23\binary directory as XXXXX.ZIP.  If
you have your Windows95 filetype associations set so zip files are opened
by WinZip, then clicking on this file in View-Dir will result in WinZip
opening a window with all the enclosed files displayed.  You can then look
at each of those files by clicking on yhem in that WinZip window.  This
will not result in the files being unpacked unless you choose that WinZip

Excuse the one finger left hand typing.  Broke my collar bone 3 days ago. 
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> Bob Zoner wrote:
> Has anyone used Winzip 6.3 with WISP. Program came loaded with new
> computer. Manual stated it will work with PKZIP. Cant' seem to get it
> to run with WISP.
> zee19@snet.net

73, Roy

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